A new online platform that helps companies run their digital ads on multiple platforms is gaining traction among ad agencies and publishers.

The platform, called blockchain advertising, allows brands to easily run ads on the blockchain, without the need for a third-party platform.

Advertisers can easily integrate the platform with their existing online campaigns without the blockchain.

The platforms are also customizable, so they can target specific audiences and groups of people, according to Adblock Plus, which created the platform.

Adblock Plus is launching its new platform on Monday.

It will be available for advertisers to test before it launches, according with Adblock CEO and co-founder Ben Casper.

The new platform is an extension of Adblock’s existing ad platform, which Casper says is now used by about 60,000 businesses worldwide.

It provides advertisers with a central place to display ads, which can be customized to a brand’s interests.

Casper said Adblock is launching the new platform as a response to a need among publishers for better digital advertising options.

“The internet is an ever-evolving platform for us, and with blockchain, we’re getting to take advantage of that as well,” he said.

Caspar said AdBlock was the first company to create an ad platform on the Ethereum blockchain.

He said the platform allows advertisers to create their own ad formats and offer them to publishers.

“With Adblock, we’ve been working on the platform for the past year.

We’ve been doing research and prototyping with the largest digital advertising platforms,” he told Business Insider.”

When we were first looking into this, we found that we could offer advertisers a lot of flexibility, but also be able to scale this really easily, which was very important to us,” Casper said.

“With AdBlock, we have the ability to scale our platform as quickly as we want to.”

Casper and his team are working on a platform that will be open source, which will allow other companies to build their own versions of the platform, Casper told Business Insiders.

The project will initially focus on creating a platform for publishers to create and distribute their own advertising formats.

He plans to expand the platform as more companies start using it.

In addition to the platform launching with a focus on publishers, Caspar said the company is also adding another feature to its platform, one that will allow advertisers to add their own video and audio clips to a campaign.

He told BusinessInsiders the platform will be used by brands to embed videos in their online ads, to make them more relevant to specific audiences.

Casp said he and his co-founders, Andrew McDonough and Josh Smith, will start the project in August and work on adding features to the blockchain-powered platform.

“We’re starting with this as a way for publishers and ad agencies to connect directly, to really see what this platform is and how it can help them,” he added.

“The platform is going to be a really powerful tool to allow advertisers and ad companies to engage with their audiences in a way that they can’t just do on their own.”

Caspar says Adblock has already begun testing its platform with a handful of major ad agencies.

Adblock and AdblockPlus are in the process of partnering with the National Association of Broadcasters, which represents more than 50 million television broadcasters and advertisers.

Casper hopes to have the platform open-sourced by the end of the year.

Caspe told Businessinsiders that he hopes to open up Adblock to other publishers soon, as well.

“There’s a huge need for the ad platform and AdBlock is a great platform for that,” he concluded.