The ad network platform rideshares is facing an onslaught of angry users, as advertisers demand they remove their ads from the platform and its ad network competitors.

Rideshare ads, which are essentially an ad unit on a rideshare, are a common source of revenue for rideshare companies.

However, a growing number of users have been complaining about ads appearing in their feeds on the platform, as well as annoying links.

The problem stems from a series of ads that appear in users’ feeds on RideSauce, a social media-based rideshare platform that is part of the Cossette Group.

The ads feature people from the rideshare company, who are clearly shown posing as people who have purchased the rides, to promote their products and services.

In one example, a photo of a man wearing a black and white jacket and hat is shown.

The photo also features a picture of a woman in a dark suit, with a pink dress, holding a laptop, with the caption: “What’s your favorite food?”

The photo was taken by a user, who asked RideSaulce for the ad.

In response, the company told him the ad was being removed from the feeds of the user who posted the image.

The user who made the photo complained about it, saying that it had been taken by “an individual who doesn’t belong on the rideshaes community”.

In response to a similar complaint, RideSausce removed the ad and the user was contacted by RideSaurise.

In response, another user complained that the photo was not removed by RideSAVE.

In a statement to New Scientist, RideSAVERE said: “We’ve removed a number of adverts that were posted by a third party advertiser on our platform.

We have since taken down the offending ad.

We will continue to work with our partners to remove these adverts from our platform, and we apologise for any distress caused.”

RideSAVE, which is part owned by the COSSETE Group, did not respond to a request for comment.

RideSauge also removed a series that appeared to show a woman posing as a woman who has purchased a rideshare.

The ads featured a woman wearing a blue and white dress with a red tie and a red collar.

Ridingshare told New Scientist that its ad removal process is simple: “If we have found that an ad violates our ad rules, we take the appropriate action.

We work with ad networks to remove them as soon as possible.

We remove all adverts without any notice.”

Rideshares said the ad network removed the ads after receiving complaints.

The company said it has also been working with Admob to remove similar ads.

“Ridesharing has been working closely with the ad industry to ensure that ad content that violates our Terms of Service and our AdMob Policy is removed as quickly as possible,” it said.

“In the past, we have received complaints from individuals who felt that ads in their feed were being removed without their knowledge.”

Ridershare is the latest to see the ad onslaught from social media advertising platforms.

The ride share platform Uber, which also operates in the US, removed adverts last year after they appeared in the feeds.