The World Cup is not over yet.

It’s time for some more good performances from the men’s side, which beat France 4-0 in a friendly on Saturday.

Zinedie Zidanes former club, Juventus, will play its final game in France on Thursday, with Italy to close the calendar on a positive note. 

The World Cup, like the Italian game, will not be over. 

In the past, Italy has lost all but one of its group matches in the past four years. 

Zidane will be hoping to build on the last three matches when he has his team back in action, and he will also be looking for the goals of his team-mates in the match that is expected to be the last for a while. 

“It was an amazing game, I really liked the game.

We played a good game and we gave it everything,” Zidze told Radio.comitibus. 

 “I’m happy with how we played.

It was a very difficult game, the ball got a little bit too high, the opponent was very strong, and the players were very aggressive. 

I am happy with the result.

We gave everything, we played as if we were playing for the championship. 

When I saw that I was happy, but not with the final score. 

It was a great game, it was a good experience for us. 

We had a good start, but the team did not start well. 

They are still in good shape, so it’s important to stay positive and continue. 

Juventus beat Paris Saint-Germain 4-1 in the Champions League in 2012, and Zidzane was delighted to be playing in France, where his side finished second last year.”

We played against Paris Saint Germain last year and we lost 1-0, so I was disappointed,” Zedzi said. 

Italy has also had its fair share of big performances from its players in the World Cup. 

Dario Cataldi scored a goal for Juventus in the quarter-final, and it was his second goal in a game, after the second of his three in 2014, as Italy beat Germany 2-0 at the World Champions’ Stadium. 

Former Lazio striker Alessandro Florenzi was involved in the win over France, and former Italy international Lorenzo Insigne, who scored twice in the 3-0 win over Switzerland last month, will be looking to repeat that performance against France on Friday. 

With a World Cup final still a long way off, it will be interesting to see how much of the Italy squad will be ready to play on Friday, and how much they will have recovered from the injury to Andrea Pirlo, who missed the game with a thigh injury. 

We’ve seen it before, in France and in Italy, we have been there before. “

The players are fit, they’re ready.

We’ve seen it before, in France and in Italy, we have been there before. 

That’s why we are going to try to be in a good shape for this game, to have confidence in the team and in ourselves. 

You need confidence in your team. 

France are a very strong team.

They are strong at the back, and that’s why they have the quality to beat us.

It will be important for the players to play together, because we have a lot to play for.”