Google will always have a big advantage over Facebook, but it will not be able compete with them in India, the world’s biggest market for online ads. 

As part of its efforts to increase its online presence in India over the coming years, Google has been launching a number of initiatives aimed at boosting the user base. 

The most recent effort to build a presence in the country came this week with the launch of a new initiative called India’s Most-Adored Places, a collaboration with a leading technology company to build the world-leading online shopping destination for Indian shoppers.

As part, Google and the Indian government signed an agreement that aims to bring more than 1,500 million visitors to India in 2020, a number that is expected to be the largest in history.

The partnership with Flipkart, a popular online marketplace that is currently India’s third largest, will allow Flipkarts stores in India to be displayed on Google’s mobile and desktop platforms.

The initiative is also expected to drive more than $200 million in investments for Flipkarters and partners, including $200,000 from Google, which is already the largest investor in Flipkarten.

Google has also announced that it is developing a partnership with mobile advertising platform AdRoll, which will allow users to buy ads for items from Flipkarted stores through Google’s ad services, like Google Shopping.

The company will also help AdRoll and Flipkarta launch more offline advertising campaigns.

In a separate move, the company is also developing a new online platform that is part of the Google+ brand.

Called AdChain, Google is planning to create a mobile-first network that will allow advertisers to connect with customers through their mobile phones.

Google has said it will enable advertisers to offer their own branded products and services, with users’ support, without having to buy a subscription to AdChain.

In addition to the offline advertising initiatives, Google also has a number social-media channels in the works.

The first of these will be launched later this year, with Google+, which is a new feature on the company’s social network.

Google+ has already gained a large following in India and will continue to gain followers, making it a prime candidate for growth in the Indian market.