By Brian T. Smith—November 11, 2017—With its new ad-serving platform, Adblock Plus, Admob, and its growing number of partners, AdBlock Plus is expanding its advertising and marketing capabilities to a wider audience.

In an announcement this morning, AdMob, the largest ad-sales platform in the U.S., announced that it would be introducing its new mobile ad-buying platform Adblock.

Admob says it will provide “ad-free” mobile browsing and viewing options for advertisers, but will not be offering any ad-supported apps for mobile devices.

Adblock also will provide a number of paid-for mobile ad delivery options, including Adblock Mobile, Ad-Free Mobile, and AdMob for Android, which it says will give advertisers access to its vast database of over 40 million ads.

AdMob says it is also planning to provide AdBlock for desktop browsers, as well as for web and mobile devices, in time for the end of the year.

Admob says the Adblock mobile offering will be a combination of its own AdBlock mobile platform, the Ad-Mob app, and mobile ad services, such as Adblock Pro.

The company is not saying how much money it is investing in Adblock, but says it plans to spend a “significant amount of time and resources” in developing Adblock for desktop and mobile platforms, and has begun marketing for that purpose.

AdBlock will also be available for purchase from AdMob’s own website and in stores.

The announcement comes less than two months after Admob announced that Adblock was acquired by Google for $350 million in cash.