By default, the ads that appear in your Facebook ad will appear in a way that’s more like a video game, with graphics that appear blurry, jerky, or pixelated.

It’s a problem, but it can be fixed.

Here’s how.1.

Set your ad type to a video ad The first thing you’ll need to do is set your ad’s type.

When you set up a video, the ad will be rendered on your device.

When it’s rendered on another device, the video is loaded in front of you and you see a list of all the ads in the game.2.

Set the duration of the video You can also set the duration to vary based on the amount of time you’ve played the game or other video content.

This lets you set an ad to appear every 20 seconds or so or even every 15 seconds.3.

Set a max width and height to limit ads to a single pageWhen your video has played for a while, you’ll want to make sure that the video doesn’t fill up your page.

To do this, you can use the ad width and the ad height controls in your ad settings.

The width and/or height controls will tell you how much space you’ll be allowed to display your ad.

For example, if your ad has a max height of 15 feet, you’d want the ad to have a width of 15 inches.4.

Set an interval between adsYou can also add an interval to your ad duration, in which case you can show a portion of your ad at a time.

This interval will only appear after your ad is complete.

For an example, let’s say you’re playing a video of a dog with its eyes closed.

After your video is complete, you want to stop the ad.

If you click the pause button, the app will pause and you’ll see a pop-up that tells you to cancel the ad, click cancel, and then re-start your video.5.

Add video to your Facebook adsIf you want your Facebook videos to show up on the Facebook page for the other people in the Facebook group, you have to set the ad’s video type to video.

You’ll want this because videos can have more ads and can be shared with others.

To set the type of your video, go to the Facebook ad settings, select your video type, and set it to video in the video section.6.

Add more videosYou can set up more than one video in your video ad settings to display different ad types.

For instance, if you have a Facebook group with a dozen or so people, you could add videos for each of those people.

To add more videos, you just click the Add More button, and the video will be added to your group.