A few weeks ago, a couple of big advertisers decided to cut their ads in a way that was clearly designed to avoid Google.

But the ads have come back, and now we know why.

In a move that’s likely to get Google’s attention, two big advertising platforms, Yahoo and Google, are cutting their advertising deals with each other.

Yahoo has also made it clear that it’s not going to stop advertising on its own platforms.

It is not the first time this has happened.

In January, Google launched its ad-free ad-supported YouTube, which allowed advertisers to promote YouTube videos for free.

Google has also used similar tactics to cut ads on YouTube.

This is a huge step for Google.

Google is the world’s largest advertising platform and has a lot of ad revenue to spend.

The fact that advertisers are not only cutting ads on their own platforms, but are using Google-branded ad units is likely to lead to a lot more eyeballs and traffic to the Google ad network.

Google also has a new partnership with Twitter, which is an important part of the search giant’s digital advertising strategy.

The move to cut its advertising deal with Google and Twitter has not been the only way advertisers are cutting deals with the platforms.

Other major advertisers are also cutting deals.

For example, Amazon, Walmart and McDonald’s have cut deals with Google to cut ad spend on their platforms.

Google’s move has also raised the ire of the US Federal Trade Commission, which has asked Google to remove ads from its own YouTube video platform.

The FTC has also asked Google if it can remove ads for advertisers that it says are promoting “harmful, deceptive or unlawful” content.

The big question now is how Google will handle the fallout from these advertising deals, as well as its other partnerships.

Will it just let these advertising platforms continue to advertise on its platforms?

Will it cut them out altogether?

Or will it try to use its vast advertising budget to influence the content on the platforms?

These questions will be answered in the months ahead, and we’ll be watching closely to see what Google does with its advertising spend.