Ad network websites are the backbone of the Indian online advertising ecosystem, and they play a pivotal role in a country’s online advertising success.

Ad networks are the platform through which brands, content providers, publishers and advertisers can reach audiences and advertisers.

Here are the most popular ad networks, according to a recent report by global ad research firm Euromonitor International: ad networks like AdMob, Adwords, Digg, AdSense, Facebook, Twitter, Google and others can all make an impact on the advertising ecosystem in India.

The top 10 Ad networks in terms of revenue share: AdWords: 10.

Facebook: 9.

Twitter: 8.

Google: 7.

Google+: 6.

Digg: 5.

YouTube: 4.

Google News: 3.

Google Adwords: 2.

YouTube Adwords Platform: 1.

Dixit: 0. 0 AdWords Platform: 0 Facebook: 0 Google: 0 Twitter: 0 YouTube: 0 Digg and Google+ are the leading ad networks globally.

They are the platforms that are responsible for most of the growth in online advertising.

For instance, Dixity, and Dzoom have been valued at $8.8 billion each.

Adwords is one of the top 5 most valuable networks globally, according in the 2016 Global Advertisers Index.

It has more than 7.5 million active users in India and has the second-largest market share behind Facebook in India after 9.6%.

This network is worth about $8 billion and it has more active users than Facebook.

Dz, which has a valuation of $1.8bn, is the fourth most valuable network in India, behind Facebook and Google.

In India, the network also has a huge user base, with over 5 billion users.

AdMob is also a leading platform, with a value of $3.9 billion.

AdWords is the number one platform for advertisers in India with $4.2 billion in revenues, according the report.

In the United States, Facebook has more revenues than Google and is worth $6.7 billion.

Dzeri AdWords, a major online ad platform in the United Kingdom, has an estimated value of more than $1 billion, according Euromonitors.

The Adwords platform has a global user base of more 500 million and has an annual revenue of $4 billion.

Other top 10 advertising networks in the country: Adzoom, DziZoom, Adzio, Adzone, AdZone Network, AdZoom Group, Adspresso, AdSpire, Adspot, AdStores, Advzoom and Adwzoom.