Next BigFuture, a software development platform founded by a former Facebook engineer, has announced that it will launch an Android app in early 2018.

The Boomerang app will be free for all to download, but users can purchase premium access for a fee.

“Boomers have always been the go-to for creative, immersive and interactive experiences on mobile,” the company says in a blog post.

“We are excited to bring the Boomerangs to the next level and bring the creative powers of Boomeranga to a wider audience.

We know how much we love our Boomers, and we know they will love us too.”

The company says that the app will include features like an animated map with real-time traffic, weather forecasts, traffic and parking info, and a “Bounty Hunter” mode, which lets users track down their own bounty.

The company also announced a new app called Boomers 2 that will be “brought to you by our friends at Apple,” the second app to launch on Boomerange.

The app will launch on iOS and Android devices in the next six months.

Boomers 1 Boomers is an Android-based social media app that launched in 2015.

The product was designed to connect users with one another across the social networks Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Vine.

“With Boomers you can have fun sharing your ideas and stories in a new and creative way,” the app’s website says.

“You’ll never be the last person to share a photo, you’ll never miss an opportunity to share and share with your friends.

You’ll never have to wait for your photos to get to you again.

You will have all of your friends with you, which means your Instagram account and the people you follow can be shared in a seamless way.”