A $1 billion platform for social video is about to launch.

The platform, Kiss My Face, is a cross between Facebook Live and Vine.

It’ll let you post videos from the comfort of your own home and you can also post them to any of your friends’ timelines.

It’s a simple app that makes sharing photos and videos easy and convenient.

The goal is to help creators monetize their videos.

The app’s founder says it’s a “real world app” that will “bring us into the realm of social video.”

It’s just one of several apps on the way.

Kiss My Smile will also allow users to make money from videos, and the app will be available in select markets.

It will also include a paywall that will keep video creators and publishers from charging advertisers for their content.

The site, created by two-time Google MVP and former Twitter employee Chris Sacca, is being built by a team of five.

Sacca says he’s hoping for a million downloads within three months of its launch.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but the app is still early in development.

The company’s founder and CEO, Chris Sacin, says Kiss Myface will bring “real-world app” to the social video game market.

He says it will make it easier for creators to monetize videos, while also allowing them to “do it with your friends, not the government.”