The biggest deal in the tech world is happening at Adtech, where some of the biggest names in the industry are announcing a deal to merge.

The new entity, Adtech Inc., will be a unit of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

That deal is expected to be completed in the second quarter of this year, according to Bloomberg.

Google, which already owns a majority stake in Adtech and has been building its own advertising platform, will invest $500 million in the deal.

Google will take over the company’s advertising platform for the next five years.

The new company will have an office in New York, according the announcement.

Other major tech companies in the space include Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo, according an article published Thursday by CNBC.

Google and Alphabet are the largest private companies in this space, and they will be the largest investors in the combined company.

While the move may not be quite as disruptive as the Google-Apple merger, it is the biggest in the world.

This is the same kind of merger that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced as a major step toward becoming a digital empire.

It will be worth noting that Google and the other two major tech giants, Apple and Microsoft, have been working together on this deal for years.