The NFL is changing its banner ad platform, and it will require all sites to use it.

In a statement to the NFL, the league says it will change the way it displays banner ads by introducing a new advertising platform architecture that will allow sites to build their own banner ads with the same rules and performance requirements as their competitors.

“Advertisers are increasingly looking for more flexible and flexible ad formats that allow them to reach their audiences with a variety of media and formats,” the league said.

“Banners are an important part of our business model and a great way for advertisers to reach potential customers in different ways.”

Banner ads will not be required to use Google AdWords or any other ad platform.

Instead, any site can create an ad with a banner image that can be shown at the bottom of a banner, and the ad can be embedded into the website or the site can include the banner in a video.

Sites will still be able to use a traditional banner ads for video and other content.

If a site wants to create an additional banner ad with other information, it can do so.

Banner ads are now used on all NFL content.

The NFL says it’s working on a new banner ad format that will be released soon.

“This new advertising format is expected to include many new features that will enhance and enhance the quality of our banner ads and help to better serve our viewers,” the NFL said.

Banner Ads are now part of all NFL banners, but they’re not required.

If you’re wondering how the NFL has managed to convince everyone to switch to Google Adwords, the NFL’s explanation is pretty straightforward.

The league says that the Google ad platform was a critical tool in delivering ads to advertisers on the internet.

“While we continue to invest in AdWords, we also have a number of AdSense partners who use AdWords to provide our advertisers with the best possible targeting and advertising experience,” the statement said.

Advertisers have been using Google AdSense for years to deliver their ads, and Google’s ad system was always designed to be a platform for advertisers.

The ad system in its current form is a bit of a mess, as it’s not easy to understand and work with, so the NFL is trying to fix it.

This new banner platform architecture is expected soon, but it won’t be the final solution.

The company is still working on improving the way Google ads work, and will be working on that soon.

The Banner Advertising Platform, also known as the Google Banner Ads, will be an important upgrade for the NFL.

It will enable advertisers to deliver a better user experience and more flexibility in how their ads appear on the site.

AdWords will be the only advertising platform the NFL will use, but that doesn’t mean the league will have to use any other third-party ad platforms.

The changes will also improve the performance of advertisers.

If the league does choose to use AdSense, it will still have to adhere to the rules set forth by Google.

It’s still possible that the NFL could opt to switch back to Google if Google’s system isn’t as good as it used to be.

AdSense is a system that allows advertisers to show their ads to visitors on a site in a variety in the most popular search terms.

The system uses a series of criteria to determine which ads to show.

If that criteria doesn’t meet a site’s needs, it lets the advertiser know and Google responds with an appropriate advertisement.

The new Banner Ads platform will allow the NFL to have more flexibility and better performance in how it delivers its ads.

Google Ads is also a system designed to help advertisers get the most out of their advertising dollars.

Google’s AdSense system works great for a site that is trying out various advertising formats, but if you’re using AdWords for more than just one ad, it’s difficult to keep up with the changes.

The most important changes to AdWords are the new banner ads.

Ad networks can now use banner ads as part of the banner ads they are displaying on the website.

If an advertiser is using a banner ad for one of the more popular search queries, it is expected that they’ll get a banner.

But if the advertisers are using it for more specific search queries and the banner isn’t performing as well, advertisers will need to change the ads.

That could mean changing the banner ad, or it could mean not using the banner.

The change in how AdWords works with the Banner Ads will also allow advertisers to get a better experience with Google’s video ads.

YouTube will be able add video ads for advertisers using AdSense.

Google has made it possible for video advertisers to advertise to the public on YouTube by adding the YouTube ad system.

But advertisers aren’t using YouTube ads in all the ways that they used to.

They’re using YouTube videos that aren’t being viewed as often.

The YouTube system was designed to allow advertisers that want to advertise more often to offer videos that have