Facebook has quietly announced a new partnership with Twitter, the two companies announced.

The company has been building a social network with a mission to make social sharing more powerful, and now it’s also partnering with another platform.

Twitter is now “working with Facebook on a new social platform that will allow users to share news, events and more directly to each other across multiple platforms,” the company said in a blog post.

“We’re excited to partner with Facebook to provide an even more powerful way for people to share and interact with one another.”

Facebook has been using the company’s News Feed, a shared page of posts, to host posts and events since the first version was launched in 2015.

Facebook has now partnered with two of the largest social networks in the world to create an entirely new feed.

That’s an ambitious plan.

For a social media company that’s only been around for six years, it’s been a pretty big deal.

“Facebook is a huge player in the social world and this is a big deal,” said Dan Graziano, senior director of marketing for News Feed at Facebook.

“It’s a big leap for them and it’s a huge leap for us.

It’s really exciting.”

Facebook and Twitter announced the partnership earlier this week, which also includes the company offering users a “faster way to post to your Facebook wall” and a new “Share to” feature.

It will be built into the News Feed for the first time, with the company promising that “it will be the largest news feed in the entire world.”

“We’ve been working with Twitter to help make their platform more powerful for the past few years and today is the first step towards making that happen,” Zuckerberg said.

“Together, we can make our platform even more compelling for people around the world.”

Instagram is not part of the new social network, but the two will continue to share a variety of features.

Both companies said that they will make it easier for people in the U.S. to share photos on Instagram.

The two companies also announced a deal to use the same advertising platforms for Facebook and Instagram.