A survey carried out by the Indian Public Interest Research Group (IPIRG) in 2016 found that online advertising platforms like Flipkart and Adex have been accused of using fake and deceptive adverts, including ads that contain links to websites that do not exist.

“Some online advertising platform owners have also been accused in the past of manipulating data in order to artificially inflate the number of ‘follower’ points or ‘click-through rate’ for their adverts,” the report said.

“These types of actions are used to artificially increase the click-through rates for their advertisements, even if the website or ad platform itself does not exist.”

Advertisers that fall foul of the fake ad ban can be banned from online advertising, but they can also receive a fine.

“In cases where the platforms are found to be engaged in the commission of the offences under the Digital India Act, they will be banned for five years,” the study said.

A spokesperson for Flipkard said that Flipkards advertising policies and practices comply with Indian law.

“Flipkart has robust policies and procedures for the management and supervision of adverts on the platform,” they said.

The Flipkarts ad campaign is the first to be pulled from Flipkarted’s site in years, following an order from the government.

It was launched in January 2016 and included a spoof video about a woman who was raped.

The video was later removed and replaced with a montage of people standing outside a house, some crying, and then some children running away.

The ad campaign featured a video of a man being hit in the face and kicked in the stomach, and a man with a knife.

The man had been running away from the house when the ad campaign was launched.

The campaign was also removed from the platform last year after the Indian media reported that Flipks ads appeared to be fake.

Flipkarings ad campaign appears to have caused a stir in Indian social media platforms The government’s decision to remove Flipkarters ads from Flipks website sparked an outcry on social media.

“Why was the government allowed to delete Flipkars ad campaign from FlipKart’s website?

This was a blatant violation of the Digital Agenda.

How is it that FlipKarts ad has been taken off the platform?,” tweeted Indian politician Arvind Kejriwal.

The company has said that the ad was not pulled down because of a complaint, but because the ad has become a viral sensation.