Anadarko, the global online ad and marketing company, is giving consumers a tool that lets them block ads that have no direct connection to them.

The company has released an update for its Adblock Plus ad blocker that blocks all adverts that don’t directly reference the user or their device.

“We’ve done this because the market is changing,” Adblock co-founder and CEO Alexey Zharov told Reuters in an interview.

Adblock Plus allows users to block ads from sites they don’t use, like, YouTube, and Hulu, as well as some others.

The update includes two additional blocking options: a simple, two-step procedure to whitelist all sites and an easier way to block adverts based on their location.

Zharov said that he had started experimenting with the ad blocker after seeing how users were using the service to limit their internet usage.

He was also surprised to see that most users were not using Adblock’s “free” ad blocking option, which lets users opt out of blocking ads on specific sites.

The company said that the updates also include several new features.

First, users can choose to receive automatic alerts on ad-blocking ads, or they can choose when and how they want to receive them.

Users can also block ads by blocking an ad-blocker’s URL and by selecting a specific domain or URL, or blocking a specific ad-group.

Zyra, a Zharovich product, is also included in the update. 

The update comes a week after the company launched Adblock Pro, which includes a new feature that allows users who are running adblockers to block the ads that appear on those sites. 

Zharovich has also announced a new Adblock Free trial, which allows users and publishers to set up a trial subscription to Adblock for free, and offers users access to Adblocking Plus. 

Adblock also announced its plans to roll out new features for the “Adblock-powered TV” service. 

According to Zharova, the service will be available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Zyrakov told Bloomberg that Adblock also plans to release a product for “smart TV” devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, and Nvidia Shield.