On the eve of the World Expo in Hong Kong, a Chinese tech entrepreneur called Jing Qiang, a former executive at Tencent, said he was working on an app that would let you listen to podcasts in the background without the need to leave the room.

He hoped that a similar app would soon become available for iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

“If there’s no app, you can listen to music, read books and movies in the privacy of your home,” he said.

It’s been an unlikely dream for a company that started life in Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis, where its founders and founders were all from the city.

But Jing, who had been studying computer science and a master’s degree in finance at a Beijing university, wanted to create a podcasting service that would appeal to a wider audience, which he hoped would be the same audience that Apple and Google had in China.

The podcasting idea was born when Jing and his team were in a meeting with a venture capital firm in Hong-Kong to explore the possibilities of podcasting, according to an email shared with The Times.

“We were all very excited about it and we decided to take it on,” Jing said.

The team, called Jing Xing Podcasting, was founded in 2013.

Jing’s team was inspired by the podcasting apps that were already popular in China, like Pocket and Tiberius.

But in order to be able to expand, Jing’s business plan had to change.

In early 2017, Jing Xed was founded by an American entrepreneur named Mark Pfeifer, who is now based in Shanghai.

Pfefer had been part of the Chinese venture capital community for many years and was a big fan of podcast technology.

“It’s just one of those things where you’re just looking for the next big thing,” he told The Times, adding that he was convinced that the Chinese market would soon embrace podcasts.

Podcasting and Chinese technology in a global context The podcast ad market in China is still nascent, with only around 300 to 400 startups operating in the country, according a recent survey.

And as Pfeif’s podcasting company started to gain traction, he realized that there was a huge opportunity for a podcast platform.

“The more people hear about it, the more interested they are, the greater the demand will grow,” he explained.

The new podcasting app was to be a standalone app that did not require a subscription, as well as a standalone podcasting platform, according an email obtained by The Times from Pfeife.

Jing Xdex, an app-based podcasting and podcasting podcasting startup, was announced on August 6, 2017.

JingXed, which will be sold as an app in the coming months, is a platform for podcasts and podcasts in general.

The app, launched in September, is currently in beta, and the company is working to launch it on a wide range of devices.

The core of JingXdex’s platform is a new podcast advertising platform that Jing is developing for Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other companies, including Apple, as an ad platform.

Jing and Pfeiffer will be the first founders of Jing Xtreme Podcasting.

“A podcast ad platform is an opportunity for content producers to create content for audiences that are already interested in podcasts,” Jing Xin said in the email.

The company is already planning to launch a podcast subscription service later this year, he added.

“At JingXtreme we believe podcasting will grow in the future and we hope to provide our podcasters with the tools they need to make great content.”

Jing Xex is also building out its podcasting services in the U.S. and other markets.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Pfeiffe told the newspaper that he and Jing X, his co-founder, plan to make Jing Xs podcasts available to consumers in more than a dozen U.K. markets.

“I’ve seen the growth in podcasting in the United States, and I think the market is going to be huge, so I think that podcasting is a very attractive market,” Pfeffer said.

“When it comes to the U, I think podcasting has a very big opportunity to be very popular.”

The podcast advertising industry in the US is growing rapidly, but Jing XeXt is one of only a handful of companies that are actively looking to monetize podcasts through ad platforms.

The podcasts that Jing X was working with were not just about podcasts.

Jing said that JingX has a new feature called “interactivity,” which is an ad-free version of Jing’s podcast, with the content automatically generated and delivered to your podcast app, according the email from Jing.

Jing, in his email, noted that this new feature is designed to help the podcast creator create more engaging content.

“This is an important feature that we’ve been working on and will be