On Sunday, CBS News reported that an ad by Kips advertising company was pulled from TV and radio ads, a move that comes after a series of controversial ads featuring a black man.

On Tuesday, Kips president and CEO Michael Pachter released a statement apologizing for the ad and saying it was “taken out of context.”

“As a nation, we must continue to evolve,” Pachker said.

“We must recognize that no matter how we try to change, we are bound to make mistakes.

And that is exactly why we do our best to ensure that no ad on the air is ever pulled from the air.”

Kips, the maker of the Kips AdSense and AdWords, released a video to announce the change to its AdSense, an ad-based advertising platform that allows advertisers to target ads based on a user’s demographics.

“We recognize that it was not our intent to offend anyone,” Pacheter said.

“As an advertiser, we were disappointed in this ad and are working to resolve the issue immediately.

We apologize for any hurt that it has caused our brand.””

Our intent was not to offend or disparage anyone and we deeply regret this,” he said.

In a statement to CBS News, Kipps said, “While we don’t agree with the ad, we believe it should be taken down and removed from the platform.

We have been in communication with Kips and we’ll continue to work with them as we continue to support their brand.”CBS News’ MaryAlice Parks contributed to this report.