Microsoft is launching an ad platform for smartphones, according the company’s CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella was speaking at the IFA conference on Monday, and said the platform will be called Hyperlocal, which he said will be powered by Microsoft Azure.NADELLA: We’re building a new platform, a new way to connect people.

And the platform we’re building, we call Hyperlocal.

We will have ad platforms, we will have content, and we will create a new mobile experience for people around the world.NADELA: And we’ll have the ability to scale the service up, and be able to scale it up to the tens of millions of people that are using Windows Phone.

So we will be able provide the best mobile advertising experience for consumers.NACELLA said Hyperlocal will be built using the Microsoft Azure cloud, which will be shared across all Microsoft products.NALL: And this platform will work across all of Microsoft’s products.

We’re going to build an ad ecosystem that will be fully distributed across all devices that will have access to the Azure platform.NDELLA also said the app will work with Microsoft’s cloud advertising service, called AdWords.

N DELLA : And we’re going into production with the Azure AdWords platform, and it’s really going to transform the way that people interact with businesses, with consumers, with brands, with advertisers, and with advertisers.

N NDELLAs app will launch in the first quarter of 2020, and the company says the platform has a very low barrier to entry.

NDEELLA: The first version of Hyperlocal that we’ve shown people is just for the Windows Phone and the Windows platform.

And it’s just a really simple app, so people can really go out and build the experience.NEDELA said the Hyperlocal platform will launch on Windows, Mac, and iOS devices, and Microsoft will continue to offer apps for Android and ChromeOS.NNDEELLAS app is free, but the company will charge $0.99 per month.NAMEDELAs $0,99 app will have a variety of features, including an app store, a paid version, and support for Microsoft Edge.

The platform will also have a subscription model, meaning you will be charged for access to features over time, and also for the apps you install, but you will not have to pay to access the full suite of features.NUNDELA, SIDDEN: So what are you seeing with this platform, which you can see in the new ad platform?NAMESIDELA : The main feature of this is it’s going to be a cloud-based advertising platform.

The core functionality of the platform is going to work on all the major platforms.

And when you get to the more advanced features, they’ll all be built in the Azure cloud.NODELA and NUNDELLAS are joining forces in a new partnership called Microsoft Adwords.

N NDELA The first ad platform we are launching with Microsoft AdWords, we have an agreement with Microsoft to build this platform.

NNDELA is also the chief technology officer of Adwords, and he has been building the platform for Microsoft.NNDELAS: We are building the core of the Microsoft Advertisers platform and we are building this platform in the cloud, but it will also be the cloud platform for the more interesting features, the things that are built into Microsoft’s platform.

And this is a platform where we can offer more features for advertisers, more advertising experiences, so that advertisers can reach more consumers.

And so that is where our focus is.

N NADELA.: We are going to deliver ads to the consumer as fast as possible.

And that’s where our expertise is.

And we are also going to provide the consumer with more ad experiences.NNELLA And we will deliver more than just ad experiences to consumers.

We are also working with other brands, we are working with organizations, with partners, and so on.NINDELA & NNELLAS: So this is where we are going, where we’re putting all our energy and our attention into.

And Microsoft is also working on its own ad platform, called Microsoft Azure Ads, which it hopes to have out in 2020.


And this is what I mean by the core, the core features of Microsoft Azure ad platform.

There will be many features, many of which will make the world of advertising even more compelling.NRELLA.

We want to be able make ads even more powerful.

We need to make ads more useful, and make ads that really drive engagement.

N RELLA, COO: And to make those ads even better, we want to make them more relevant.N ReLLA.: