Posted January 27, 2018 07:14:07 Advertiser and app platform developers are abandoning traditional ad-supported platforms in a bid to boost their businesses and increase the amount of revenue they generate.

Key points:Advertisers say it is hard to make money with traditional ad platforms and they are looking for a way to grow revenueThere are now hundreds of ad platforms available for mobile, with the competition fierceThe rise of apps and digital platforms has created a big opportunity for ad-funded companiesAdvertiser groups are also questioning why they have to pay for an app that only costs $5 to $10 and the amount they pay is lower than what they could make from traditional ad campaigns.

The answer?

Advertisering platforms, according to Advertising News Australia’s CEO, Peter Lee.

“If you’re trying to make a profit, it’s harder to go to a traditional platform, it is more of a financial decision,” he said.

“We’ve seen a massive increase in the amount advertisers have been able to offer and we’re seeing a lot of these platforms go out of business.”

Advertisering News Australia is the only organisation that has surveyed ad platforms to find out how many of them are now in the hands of developers and users.

It also has the biggest list of mobile apps available in Australia.

“It’s not just an app, it also is a business.

A lot of them have a very broad range of products, not just advertising, but also digital, and we’ve got some great platforms that we’re working on,” Mr Lee said.

The rise in ad-focused platformsIn April, Facebook announced it would make ad-based products free for all users and users would pay a flat $5 per month to access a free, ad-enabled Facebook app.

Advertising and app company partners are also scrambling to find a way for their apps to make revenue, while many have also begun exploring new advertising-free offerings.

Advertisment groups like Advertising News Australia have seen a surge in ad revenue since April, when the social media giant first announced plans to offer ad-driven apps for iOS and Android.

They believe there are still a few ad-blocking apps available, including those that offer an ad blocker or a limited-time offer.

Advertising News Australia has also found apps that will work with Google Wallet, the digital payment service.

The company is now offering a new service called Advertisment News Australia: Free Mobile Apps that will be available to advertisers on iOS and on Android.

The new app will give users access to a free mobile app that will run on their mobile phone.

This new service allows advertisers to pay $5 on a per month basis for the ad-blocker, allowing them to make advertising-focused mobile apps for any device.

Admittedly, this new app is a little niche, with only two of its 11 ad-optimised apps available.

But it is a great way to get in on the ground floor of the mobile ad business, said Mr Lee.

While it’s still a very niche market, Advertisor and app developers are looking to the bigger players like Facebook, Google and Apple for help in monetising their platforms.

“There are lots of mobile advertising platforms that have a lot more money than we have but they’re all struggling.

They’re not profitable,” Mr Smith said.”[They’re] not profitable for us.””

So we think this is the best opportunity we’ve had to do something about it.”

AdvertisingNews Australia is offering a free Android app to users that will give them access to ad-friendly apps, and it has already received a number of feedback from users.

The app is currently available in the App Store for $1.99.

While some ad-related platforms are growing in popularity, others are struggling to make ends meet.

Some of these ad-financed apps are not as lucrative as they might be, and some are offering less than the $5 a month advertised.

The Advertisership News Australia website has a page where users can compare various ad-laden apps that have been developed by app developers.

Mr Lee said the app industry has been “overwhelmingly dominated by a handful of players”, and that he has seen many apps go out and fail.

“I have seen them come and go and I’ve seen the growth of the app ecosystem in general and I think it’s a good thing,” he told News.

ComTech, the technology company that runs ad networks including and News Corp, has also seen an increase in ad revenues since April.

But Advertis News Australia says its data shows the vast majority of the ad revenue that companies are making is generated by the “ad-financing” companies, and not by their own ad-serving platforms.

The platform, which is a joint venture between Advertisable and Advertisings Australia, has the largest list of ad platform applications