A Google ad network may offer an advertiser a way to view ads on the platform without having to log in to their own account.

In an attempt to cut down on ad revenue losses, Google is now allowing advertisers to opt-out of their Google Ads account and instead use a third-party ad network to buy ads on Google.

The move comes just days after the company announced it was going to cut its ad spending by nearly 40% over the next three years.

Google has been working on ways to better support advertisers in the wake of the Google+ disruption, which saw millions of its ad users abandon the social network.

The social network has since rebounded, with its ad revenue up 15% year over year in the fourth quarter, and it now has $3.9 billion in ad spending on Google’s platform.

Google is not the only major ad platform to offer opt-outs.

Facebook and Twitter have also rolled out similar measures to the extent that Google has.

The latest move comes in response to concerns that the rise of ad-supported social media platforms could undermine the integrity of advertising campaigns.