The NFL is expected to announce on Wednesday that it will start rolling out advertising buying platforms in the coming months.

The league’s latest ad buys are intended to provide an additional layer of protection against legal action, and allow advertisers to target audiences with tailored messages.

The companies that have been selected to buy the advertising will be based in the United States, the NFL said in a statement.

The announcement comes amid an uptick in antitrust concerns over the league’s ad buys.

In September, The New York Times reported that the league is “losing ground to the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter and Twitter-owned Instagram.”

On Wednesday, the league announced that it would start rolling this out, with the goal of “encouraging” the use of a more traditional model in the future.

The teams that have signed on to the new platforms will also have a variety of ad buy types available, from traditional ad buys to digital.

The new platforms are being developed in collaboration with ad technology company NextEra, which has already shown interest in buying the NFL.

The NFL also has been exploring ways to increase its reach beyond the current digital platform, including partnering with major brands such as Amazon and eBay to create a “digital-first” advertising platform.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has been a staunch advocate of digital ad buys, which have become increasingly popular in recent years as advertisers have sought to get their messages across faster and with more transparency.

The move will come at a time when the NFL is also facing pressure from advertisers over its use of video during games.

As of mid-July, the company had purchased $9.5 billion worth of ad space in digital and TV platforms since it launched its first ad buy in 2016, according to the league.

This was a massive amount of money for a single year.

The most expensive year of that campaign was the 2014-15 season, which ended up being worth $7.7 billion, according the NFLPA.