I had the privilege of meeting one of the stars of the new film, Fadzine Bhatia, the lead actor in the film “The Purity of Fashion”.

I was fascinated by how Fadzi, the director, had approached the subject of fashion and how fashion is so much more than fashion.

I was also struck by how he managed to portray fashion as an industry that is deeply rooted in religion and superstition, even though the film’s title refers to fashion as a “religion”.

I thought this was very interesting and intriguing.

I felt that Fadzeis presentation of fashion, and the films themes of spirituality and religion, would be fascinating to watch and listen to.

It is a very interesting message that is being put out to the world.

This film is very much an homage to Fadzed.

I am so happy that he decided to do it and it was also very interesting to watch.

In the film, there are many people who feel that they have a special place in the world and that their lives are being shaped by their religion and their beliefs.

They are often called ‘the new saints’.

The Purity is an important film to me because it is a reminder of how religion can influence people and how this can be a powerful force for change.

I think it is also a film that shows that fashion can be an industry and that fashion is a huge part of society.

I have also heard from some of the women in the industry that they are very conscious about how they look, how they act and what they wear.

It really has changed their lives.

I also think the film is a testament to the power of fashion as we know it today.

It also highlights the power that brands have and how they are used to influence people.

Fashion is so deeply ingrained in our society that we can see it on our phones and in our shopping malls, in our clothing and in the advertising that we see.

I would be surprised if it wasn’t already happening on the fashion runway in the city of Mumbai, in malls in Mumbai and on the streets of Mumbai.

The Puralis are also aware of this and they are working hard to help create a global community of fashion designers.

In a country like India where we are already very different from other countries, it is important that we create a space where people can meet each other in their own communities and have fun and make a difference.

Fadzes vision for the film and for the community that will see it is to bring together a group of people that share a common desire to make a positive change.

We want to be the first to create a community of people who share our vision for fashion and to help promote a new kind of fashion that is not only a fashion trend, but is also about a deeper sense of connection to our world and a sense of community.

We are not just interested in fashion.

We also want to make our communities more inclusive, and to make sure that the communities we have created for each other are in tune with each other.

It means more than the fashion industry in the end, Fadhzeis message to the community of the world is about creating a new fashion industry and not just about a fashion industry.

The community that Fadhzi will help create is a community that can be seen on every street corner, in every shopping mall, in all the shops, in the streets, in cafes, in hotels, in schools, in bars and in theatres.

We have to create our own world.

I hope that this film is an inspiration for all of us, and that we all will join hands and create a new world.