It’s an all-too-common phenomenon for advertisers to use a single website, which can be used by multiple campaigns.

But CNN’s newsroom has been using its CNN platform since 2009.

As a result, CNN has the widest reach of any media outlet.

The network has long been a major player in the ad-buying space.

But it has had trouble convincing consumers to spend money on its products and services.

When CNN bought the rights to the Daily Show in 2013, CNN executives wanted to ensure it remained an important part of its news operation.

In the years since, they’ve been trying to figure out how to convince viewers to buy their products and to use the CNN brand.

CNN launched an advertising campaign called “CNN is CNN” in 2012, in which it launched several ads and produced an ad that featured a man who had just finished watching a “Breaking Bad” episode.

The ad featured an actor playing the role of Walter White.

The campaign had a few other elements, including a short montage of clips from the show.

The company also created a video, in-studio interview and a podcast called “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which featured Rogan, Trump and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The goal of the ad campaign was to promote the show’s quality and make viewers feel like they were part of the show and were being a part of it.

CNN has tried a number of different ad ideas.

In one of the videos, Rogan played Trump, a clip of the president talking about his plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and a montage featuring Trump, Rogamans children and the president.

It has also tried to target specific groups of viewers, with ads featuring women, seniors and people of color.

The show’s ads have included messages like “It’s time to get back to basics” and “The only thing that’s going to keep us out of jail is our government.”

The campaign also featured clips of celebrities talking about their experiences with drugs and mental health.

The ads showed how Trump has taken a tough stance on immigration and how he would treat people with mental illness.

The same clip showed Trump in a clip talking about how he believes Trump is a “man of integrity.”

He said he wants people to be able to make decisions based on their values and not their religion.

But the campaign was hit with a backlash when some viewers complained that the clips did not show the president taking a tough position on immigration or on gun control.

One of the most controversial clips in the campaign featured Trump talking about the fact that his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner had just moved into the White House and were taking a break from the White, House.

Trump said he was glad his daughter and Kushner were moving out because they would “be getting away from the drugs.”

He also said the move would give the president more “time to focus on what he has to do in the White Senate and what he wants to do for the American people.”

The Trump campaign later clarified that the video was taken out of context and was about Ivanka Trump’s appearance on the program, not her immigration stance.

The video was also widely criticized for its portrayal of Trump as a racist and for its lack of racial diversity.

It featured clips from White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders talking about Trump’s comments on the Charlottesville protests and the response to it.

Sanders also criticized the video for showing Trump talking as if he had never heard about the Charlottesville rally.

She also said that the president has not been forthcoming with answers about his comments.

In an ad campaign, the Trump campaign would often target groups of people.

The Trump White House had a list of targets that included people of different races, religions and genders, the New York Times reported.

The president would say things like, “I will be a very different president,” or “I know this is not your country.”

And sometimes he would say, “There are a lot of bad things that have happened.

You have seen the violence.

I will not stand by and watch,” the Times reported in 2017.

CNN also has a long history of using video ads to promote its products.

While the campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, used a video ad during the Democratic National Convention to highlight the plight of the working class, CNN’s advertising platform also featured the Clintons and their campaign.

The “Take Back the Night” campaign featured a short clip of Clinton talking about her plans to increase public school funding and increase access to high-quality preschool.

In it, Clinton talked about the need to expand preschool programs.

“There is no greater gift than our children,” she said.

“They are the future of our country.

And we can do more to help them thrive.”

The ad was released in early July, just two days before the Iowa caucuses.

CNN did not respond to a request for comment on the ads.

Some advertisers, like General Electric and United Technologies,