How to set up a native advertising platform for your site. 

What you’ll need to do: Create a brand and brand identity.

Make sure your product/service is unique and relevant. 

Find and install Facebook Ads to build a social platform for Facebook users. 

How to do it: 1.

Create a new account with Facebook and create your brand. 

 You’ll need a Facebook account for Facebook ads. 


Create your brand by creating a name, description, and logo. 


Select the appropriate options for your brand: ad type, video, photo, etc. 4.

Add Facebook ads to your ad and click the “Ads” button. 


Add the Facebook ad you want to set as a campaign for your new platform. 


Create an account for your platform. 


Click the “Create Ad” button on the top of the screen. 


Select “Ad” and follow the steps. 


The new Facebook ad will be created on your platform and will be visible to everyone who uses Facebook Ads. 


You can now start adding Facebook ads for your existing Facebook advertising platform.

 If you don’t have a Facebook ad set up yet, sign up for Facebook Ads now. 

Note: Facebook Ads will automatically expire after 24 hours.

If you want Facebook Ads on a site that’s already in your News Feed, you can add a campaign to your account. 

You can also use a paid service like Instacart, DoorDash, etc to help generate ads for new platforms. 

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