WalMart’s #WalMartAd is the most-watched ad campaign on the platform, with more than a million views, more than half of which came from the #Target #ad campaign, according to AdWeek.

The ad campaign was created by WalMart, which was in the process of acquiring Target, to boost Target’s stock following its $7 billion buyout.

It also featured Target’s own commercials, including one in which the retailer played music.

It was one of a number of digital ads that WalMart ran during the 2016 presidential election, with the company’s ad team, which worked on both campaigns, working on more than 30 digital campaigns during the campaign.

Walmart has been using #WalManaged for years.

It has used the hashtag multiple times on its Facebook page, on its Instagram page, and on Twitter.

In addition to the #target campaign, Walmart has been running an ad campaign called #WalmStories, which features a series of images of people who have used the #walmart online store and are now shopping there, and an animated video narrated by a Walmart store manager.

The #WalMansHistoryCampaign started on November 30 and ended on January 6.