Bitcoin exchange Kraken is going to be the first to get hacked, but it’s not because it was compromised.

In the midst of a wave of ransomware attacks and cyberattacks that have decimated bitcoin exchanges, Kraken is still offering to help out victims.

Kraken has already confirmed that it is in contact with victims, and has begun offering bitcoin insurance.

The company said it has not received any reports of customers being impacted by ransomware, although it has seen a rise in reported cases.

“We have not received a single report of customers having to pay for insurance,” said Kraken spokesperson Nick Stahl.

“Kraker has been in contact over the last couple of weeks with the affected customer to confirm that the Kraken platform is safe and that no account information has been compromised,” he added.

“The Kraken platform itself is currently fully functioning, and the company is not aware of any users having been affected by this incident.”

If customers do experience issues accessing their accounts due to this incident, they can still do so without incurring additional fees.

“The company said its bitcoin insurance policy covers users who have paid for at least $50,000 of bitcoin in the past 12 months, and who have had their accounts suspended.KRAKER is now offering bitcoin support to customers, and is working with banks and credit unions to offer the same level of coverage to customers who are unable to access their accounts.”

As we’ve said before, Kraken customers can expect support and assistance from Kraken in the weeks and months ahead,” said Stahl in a statement.”

Once Kraken has implemented these changes to our insurance, our goal is to have them implemented across the company.

As we’ve previously said, Kraken does not take any responsibility for any customers’ losses.