The Google Ads APIs are coming.

And the API has some new goodies, including new APIs for serving platforms.

But there are a few things that are new to the API.

Let’s start with serving platforms and their responsibilities.

What’s the Google Ads Platform?

The Google Ads platform is an umbrella for Google Ads’ offerings for serving the web and mobile apps, both mobile and desktop.

These are the services Google Ads will support in the Google AdWords API.

For example, in addition to the ad networks that Google has built for Google Display Network, Google Ads can also provide ad delivery and optimization services to publishers on its own platform.

In this article, we’re going to look at the new API and how it will affect the Google ad platforms.

What does the Google APIs do?

The APIs are a way to build the best user experience for publishers and advertisers on all platforms, from desktop and mobile to web and consoles.

Ads on mobile apps are built using Google’s mobile APIs and are not supported by any Google platform.

Ads are delivered by publishers to their own platforms.

The Google APIs provide a set of tools for publishers to deliver ads and monetize their content.

They’re designed to allow publishers to customize their ads in a way that fits the business model they’re running, with ad networks like Google Display and other ad delivery services.

Ads on the web are built through Google’s ad platform, which offers a range of tools to deliver advertisers’ ads to web browsers.

Advertisers can use Google Display to display ads in the web browser.

Ads can be delivered through third-party publishers’ websites.

These tools, while a new way to deliver advertising to consumers, allow publishers and ad networks to build a better experience for consumers.

The APIs allow publishers who run mobile apps to provide their ads to mobile users, and publishers who offer ad delivery on their own platform to deliver their ads.

These tools let publishers to build more personalized experiences for consumers, and to provide ad experiences tailored to their audiences.

What are the new ad platforms and ad delivery APIs?

The new APIs are called the ad platforms, and they’re part of Google’s AdWords platform.

The ad platforms include Google Display, Google Adwords, Google Display Analytics, Google Play Adwords and Google AdSense.

Advertisers using the Google Advertising Platform have been able to offer their ads through their own ad networks, but advertisers also can offer their ad products directly to mobile devices, like Google’s Chrome.

Google also offers its own mobile AdSense platform that includes ad delivery, but these APIs aren’t a part of the Google Display platform.

Advertising platforms are managed by ad networks and are managed through AdWords.

Ad networks can offer advertisers access to Google Adsense, but they can’t offer their own mobile ad products.

Ads in the AdSense ad platform can be served to mobile browsers on a variety of platforms, including Google’s own Chrome browser.

Ad networks can also offer mobile ads directly to their users.

This includes mobile-optimized ads that Google provides through AdSense for devices.

Mobile ads are delivered through Adwords by ad delivery providers.

These ads are hosted on the ad network and are delivered on the publisher’s own platform (e.g., Google Display).

Mobile ads in AdSense are typically delivered on a desktop, browser-based platform.

AdWords offers AdSense apps for iOS and Android devices.

Ad publishers and AdSense advertisers can also use Google’s Android Ad Platform to provide mobile ad experiences, which can be more tailored to the needs of their advertisers and publishers.

Ad formats are used for Android ads and ads delivered to mobile platforms like Google Play and Apple’s Safari.

Ad formats include native and custom ad formats for mobile devices.

Ad format developers are also able to deliver native ad formats to mobile, as well as custom ad format to mobile.

Custom ad formats include customized ad formats that have specific ads and ad formats tailored to each individual user.

Ad format publishers can also sell ads to consumers using the ad platform directly.

For this, publishers can offer ad formats through the Advertiser Platform, which provides ad formats on a service-as-a-service basis.

These ad formats can be sold directly to consumers through the ad delivery platforms, or advertisers can sell ads directly.

Ad service publishers can sell to consumers the ad formats they offer through their ad delivery platform.

This can include native ad format ads or custom ad formats.

Ad service publishers may offer native ad and custom ads on their platforms to advertisers.

Ad delivery advertisers can deliver ad products to mobile and other platforms, using AdSense and other AdSense advertising services.

These advertisers can be found on AdSense or other AdWords services.

The AdWords Platform has a number of APIs that are different from those of the AdWords APIs.

These APIs allow advertisers to control what ad formats are delivered to users on their mobile devices and the ad products they offer.

They also provide a number different types of advertising content, like ad