By Chris D. L. Gurney-Schneider article Walmants latest ad platform is already being used by Amazon to push its Prime Now program.

The company’s latest ad campaign, featuring the Walmans logo, shows the company’s logo and “Walmart” on the back of a grocery cart.

Amazon Prime Now has a $99 per year subscription plan that includes free delivery and online shopping.

Walmart has partnered with Amazon Prime to sell its groceries.

Amazon has been expanding its Prime membership program with new categories like grocery and dining.

Amazon’s new ad campaign is the first one of its kind to target a Walmart store.

The ads will run in a Walmart Walmart store and will feature a voiceover saying, “Walmans biggest competitor in grocery is Amazon.”

Walmart’s latest advertising platform is the latest effort to bolster its loyalty program, which is gaining ground with shoppers and retailers.

Amazon started the program in early 2018.

It lets customers shop online, order items and get delivered.

In 2018, Walmart added its first grocery delivery service, Walmart Fresh, and added Prime Day delivery in late October.

Walmart recently introduced Prime Pantry, a service that lets shoppers get fresh groceries delivered to their homes and businesses.

Amazon also has launched its Prime Music streaming service in 2018.

The platform offers more than 100 million streaming music and movies from major labels and is available on smartphones, tablets and Xbox One.

Walmains biggest rival in grocery: Amazon Prime.

Walmart’s ad platform features its Walmalls logo and the Amazon logo on the front of the cart.