What if your Instagram ads can be seen on Google’s main search engine, YouTube?

You could easily build a platform for video ads and a mobile platform for Facebook ads.

Now, there’s a tool that does just that, and it’s called LiftAds, and its creators say it’s an incredible way to help businesses grow faster and make money.

It’s also, well, an app, which means there’s some risk in its use.

“You have to have some confidence in this platform.

If you don’t have some level of confidence in it, then it’s not going to work,” said Scott Heilman, LiftAd’s creator.

Heilmann is the CEO and cofounder of LiftAd, which he created after years of research and development.

The app is essentially a website that connects you to LiftAd.

You’ll be able to create a platform and start advertising, or you can choose to pay for ads to run on LiftAd or to create your own ads.

The company also provides an app called YouTube ads, which can be used to build videos and share them with YouTube.

Both of these platforms are open-source, so LiftAd will work with any platform, Heilmans said.

What makes LiftAd different?

LiftAd allows you to control a platform like Google Ads, which is the platform on which most people search for their ads.

There’s a Google AdSense account, but LiftAd does not charge users a subscription fee.

Instead, LiftAads platform will use a third-party ad platform called LiftAmp, which costs $1.25 per ad.

He said the platform also does not require the user to use a Google account.

“You can do all the things Google Ads does,” he said.

The platform does, however, require a $5.99 monthly subscription.

LiftAd also has some new features.

The app has built-in video advertising and video editing tools.

For example, if you want to add video ads for your own videos, you can create an ad, then upload a video to YouTube and the video will automatically be displayed in the YouTube ad page for your ad.

LiftAd also makes it easy to share videos to your Facebook or Instagram pages, Heildman said.

LiftAAd is compatible with most Facebook and Instagram ad platforms.

He also said that the app can display videos to YouTube in real time, but the app will show the video only when you’re on the app.

For some businesses, LiftAD could make a lot of sense.

“I think LiftAd could be a game changer in the ad world, especially if you’re trying to increase your engagement and reach on YouTube,” said Josh O’Sullivan, the vice president of product management at advertising agency DoubleTree by Hilton.

He added that LiftAd has a huge following among advertisers.

Heilman said that while LiftAd is not yet fully featured on Google, the company is working on making it available on Facebook, as well as other platforms.

“We’re working on that,” he added.

If you’ve ever used Google Ads to manage your ads, you know that it’s pretty easy to get lost in the mess.

But LiftAd takes things a step further by offering an automated system that can help you create your ads without using your Google account and without having to create separate ads for each video that you want.

“If you want some additional control over the ad, you’re not going too far,” Heilmen said.

“But it also comes at a price.”

If you have a website, you probably don’t want to pay the $1 per ad, but if you do want to use LiftAd you could create an account, then create a channel and you’ll be given a number of ads to choose from.

That number is a small percentage of your total ads, but it’s still huge.

If your website gets enough traffic, you could even create an app that allows people to share your videos with others, using the LiftAd platform.

That could be used by anyone who wants to show their video ads, he said, and that would allow the user with the LiftAad account to view the video on YouTube, Facebook and other platforms for free.

Heiland said he would like to see LiftAd become more widely available.

“LiftAad is the next-generation of ad platform.

It can be a competitor to Google Ads,” he told me.

“We believe that if LiftAd works as well on Facebook and YouTube, it will be a viable alternative to Google Adsense.

If it works as best as Google Ads can do, we’ll be very happy.”

For more information on LiftA, visit the company’s website at liftads.com or on Facebook at liftapps.com