Today’s new news from Next Big Finance is that there is a major push to get people to tap their advertising platforms to monetize their content.

The news comes from the company’s new Digital Advertising Report, which is the first report on its internal data from more than a decade.

Here are the major takeaways: The first wave of ad-centric monetization will be in the mobile space, but there is growing interest in the cross-channel space.

As a result, Next Big has expanded its digital advertising measurement platform to include both cross-Channel and cross-platform data.

The cross-network and cross -channel data, which will be shared with other ad companies, will be used to analyze ad behavior in all the ad platforms.

The company has also started to implement its new ad analytics platform.

Next Big says it expects to have 100 million monthly active users, and that it expects its cross-marketing and cross marketing platforms to reach 25 million monthly users.

The companies report says there are some interesting trends emerging.

It says people who have spent a lot of time in their ad networks are less likely to tap the platforms, and they are more likely to pay for ads when they do.

These results suggest that companies can leverage these trends to get users to tap ad services.

That’s because they’re already starting to do so, the report notes.

And it says there’s a lot more that could be done.

The big takeaway from the report is that a lot is being done to get more people to pay attention to ad networks and ad metrics.

In particular, there are new digital ad services that are starting to get a lot traction.

For example, there’s the new ad tracking service AdRoll that has a big presence in the ad space.

AdRoll is one of the first of its kind, and it offers both cross and cross channel ad tracking.

It’s a new service that’s based on Google’s Audience Network, which means it can be used in the desktop and mobile spaces.

Ad Roll is a cross-service product, so it can work with other companies to offer a seamless platform for them to deliver ad products to customers.

And, according to the report, there will be a lot to do for publishers to understand how they can monetize the digital ad platforms that they have built.

Here’s how Next Big thinks publishers will get there: First, we’ll need to understand why people are paying for their ads, and then build a system to monetization.

Next, we need to get better at using the cross network and cross metrics.

Second, we should build out a system for people to see how they’re being used.

Third, we will need to build out an ecosystem that helps us better measure the performance of these ad platforms and help us understand how those platforms are performing.

Finally, we want to be able to monetise these platforms through the platforms that we built to support them.

These are the kinds of things that publishers will need the next several years.

The report also notes that it will be difficult to scale up the scale of the platforms.

For the most part, people are spending a lot time in a single ad network and ad product.

As such, publishers will be able only use a few of these platforms at a time.

And even if they can, they’re only able to manage those platforms in certain scenarios.

And that’s where it will get really interesting.

It will become much more difficult to get the platform people are using to the audience that they want.