Why I Am Not Interesting In The K-pop Boyz is the story of two brothers who, for whatever reason, never wanted to get married.

K-pop’s boy-band scene is filled with the sort of relationships that, on paper, would be ideal.

But as they tell the story, the boys’ relationship with their parents is not ideal either.

What they are told is that their parents, who are both rich, are too nice and have a tendency to divorce.

This isn’t the only story that involves the K-Pop boy’s parents.

In fact, a lot of K-Drama is set in this scenario, too.

The story of Kyoji and the other boys in their school, who can’t seem to get along, is a classic in K-drama, too: In their school days, they were bullied and teased for their appearance, and their teachers even suggested that they look like the Kardashians.

The brothers are forced to make the difficult decision of whether they want to marry their teachers or become single parents.