A new ad platform that lets you place ads on social media, and more, is about to launch on the Google platform.

The AdWords platform will allow advertisers to target specific audiences using data from Google AdSense, which aggregates ad revenue from mobile devices.

In addition, advertisers can use AdWords to manage their campaigns and build organic traffic.

AdWords will be a powerful tool for marketers to manage ad campaigns.

A new AdWords ad platform is now launching.

The platform is called Offline Advertising Platform, and will help advertisers target their ads to mobile devices and users.

Offline advertising is the process of targeting people across multiple platforms.

The platform allows advertisers to run their ads on mobile devices such as phones, tablets and PCs, while offering them the ability to reach people on other devices.

The first version of the platform is scheduled to launch in early 2017, and is aimed at small and medium businesses.

The company said it is working on an initial version for large companies.

The company said that it will be able to make use of the Google’s API to manage its offline ad platform.

The APIs provide an easier and more streamlined interface for developers to create and deliver offline ad solutions.

It said that the APIs are available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

For smaller businesses, advertisers will be the main users of the online platform.

Offers such as Google’s own Google Adsense and others such as AdMob, AdSense Plus, AdWords, and others will be available on the platform.